The Story behind cool boyz band

What started off as a school time passion, turned into a professional act. It seems like yesterday when it all began … jam sessions in hot summer afternoons making music of songs they had grown up listening to. Two decades down the line, the boys have turned into men wondering whether the band name still holds apt. And sure it is… it’s fresh and it rocks!

“Twenty five years is a long time. Even the Beetles didn’t survive that much,” confirms Benjamin Pinto, founder member of the Indipop band – Euphoria and keyboard player of his new band, Eka. The band has come through bottlenecks and challenges leaving valid lessons to learn not just about putting music in place but also placing it on stage.

“How can you play the old music of our times?” questioned a retired army officer at one of the Raising Day Celebrations at the Cantt. To this the band replied unanimously that they were fed this kind of music in their growng years. While today’s young generation is fully into heavy metal and pure funk with powerful distortion tones and garage noise in their repertoire, Cool Boyz have forever kept their playlist simple and crisp with all that jazz and olden golden numbers of Elvis Presley, Pat Boon, Frank Sinatra, Cliff Richard, Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins and Eric Clapton on one hand and ABBAS, BEEGEES, Eagles and Boney M on the other. It’s not that they have marked out the very latest from their track list. The band does pelt out Ed Shereen’s ‘Thinking out Loud’ and Avicci’s ‘Wake me up’ for a younger audience.

From a very limited playlist, of retro English numbers, Cool Boyz takes pride in venturing into almost every genre of music, be it Indian Bollywood hits or classical / folk fusion …something that is much sought after lately. They have left their audience rapt. Experimenting with newer forms of music has always been exciting for the band. Jamming with flutists, violinists, sarangi, khadtaal, morchang, santoor and table players has always produced music richly different to the ears.

Moreover, the journey has brought its members so close that it seems like a family bonding. Decade long contracts at five star hotels have not only disciplined the band but also enabled their music to alloy. In 2000, they came up with a devotional album titled, ‘ It must be God’. It was a compilation of Christian Gospel Hymns.

Music, they believe comes from the heart. It revives and infuses bouts of vigour and instills peace and calm. “It’s gratifying to get an applause after a song or see the smile when we play a guest request,” they agree. Listening to big bands still lures them as it’s from here that they learn more about on stage connections.

Cool boyz are thankful to God for the talents they are blessed with and are ever grateful to their parents and families for having supported them in all their ventures. The journey doesn’t break here. It’s just the right time to look back over the fabulous times they have spent together and perhaps to dream for better music to evolve out of their union. The band completes 25 beautiful years of friendship and live music, what started off as a school and college fever for music, down the lane transitioned into a full professional rock band simply due to the commitment to music, passion for live shows and craze for instruments of the band members. They look forward for a continued innings as music has left them young as ever and helps them ease off our stress of daily mundane lifestyle. Playing people’s favourite request songs and watching them tap their feet to our dance genre, only enthuses vigour to perform even better than what they presently do!

They aspire someday to write and produce their own songs and share it with their fans.

The latest experiment for them has been to fuse western instruments with classical folk. People have admirable taste for the same!

What saddens us that event managers look upon artists and the musical fraternity as commodities rather than people who provide rare aesthetic services. Sometimes wealthy clients spill lavish budgets to engage bands form out of the city who just about do the same kind of stuff that local city bands can do!

Though their favourite genre remains retro western music of the 60’s to 80’s, they are experts in rendering Bollywood numbers which include romantic hits, sufi tracks , gazals and soulful melodies. The band has gone on to fuse their compositions with classical and Rajasthani folk instruments.

The band has featured at almost all star hotels of the Pink City, clubs, pubs and lounge bars for corporate nights, product launches, anniversaries, alumni meets, weddings and birthday parties.

Their fan page on Facebook feeds them with regular likes and comments after every concert. The completion of 25 years of Cool Boyz as a band is an equal reminder of their true friendship and professional understanding. Maintaining total clarity on every issue, a regular and healthy communicative interpersonal relationship and respecting each other’s caliber and limitations is another secret of their success. Keeping ego at bay is the sole factor for keeping the band from any sort of breakup. While Ralph handles the technical and audio engineering aspects, Patrick pays heed to the marketing sector, while Melven manages social media publicity and maintains the band’s Personal Relationship with clients and co artistes.

Patrick Prior – Drums and Vocals, rocks parties with pulsating beats of his acoustic kit. Enjoys cool music and romantic hits. Workoholic by nature, he is a foodie and a big fan of goan music. As a child, he admired drummers and was ever passionately drawn into the world of percussions as he tapped pots, pans and tables at home as a kid. Lately, he has begun giving extensive drum lessons to young learners.

Ralph Everett – Bass Guitar, makes the band sound good and tight with his passion for audio engineering. Loves photography, travel and sea food. Diehard fan of Reggae , Bob Marley of course . Known for his silence and few words, Ralph is a pure example of calmness.

Melven Castelino – Keyboards and Vocals equally passionate about retro and country music. Gets nostalgic listening to the radio. An English teacher by profession, calligrapher Melven, finds time for pencil sketches and charcoal drawings. He finds time to blog and chase his passion for photography. He loves listening to smooth jazz and blues. His favourite band : Eagles and singer – Willy Nelson and John Denver.

What is common in the three band members is that all are self-taught. None of them have undergone any formal training in Music nor have strived for any Trinity Music Degree as they believe that if music is in the blood it can’t stay from oozing out. All of them are readily available to aspire and tutor both old and young learners to pick up an instrument and master it. “There is no age for learning music. All you need is a spark and time to devote for serious and regular practice, they affirm.

The band celebrated their Silver Jubilee in January 2017. It was a moment to cherish the long years of friendship, bonding and professional alliance. Their favourite band, Jeremiah 29:11, was the highlight of the celebrations. When asked by friends, “What keeps you compact when on the other hand local bands or even international bands split up after a good start?”, Cool Boyz replied, “Ego has been the root cause for bands to split. Second factor is commercials. Third is learning how to agree or blend where the need is for the interest of the band rather than a personal choice or taste. We have been very transparent in financial aspects and over the years maturity has left no room for petty egoism as we realize is destructive consequences. We praise the Lord for His Divine Blessings on us and our families and for the warmth of brotherhood and harmony that we cherish.”

Music is an extension of their expression. They had never thought 25 years ago that jamming over a few common songs they knew, would enable them to embark upon a highly cherished and pleasure trip which took them to exotic locales, introduced them to celebrities and humbled them to still be entertainers and artists with simplicity and warmth to spread the message of love, peace and brotherhood.